What will be the future of your marriage?

All of us want to lead a happy marriage life and become sucessfull in life but nobody have seen the future and none can even predict about that. But only getting married is not that a main fact. The main fact of this relationship is understanding. And this understanding is completely based on listening and give a porper reply to your partner. 

You need to better in this part as this is the something which can make your relation better. Whatever your partner is saying about, is really doesn't matter, it can a random or can a serious issue. You need to make sure to give a proper attention about the talking details and also need to understand each and every fact very cearfully.

If you can't get anything, you should keep clam and ask about the explaination properly. Don't do or ask something when you are feeling angry or tempered. Understanding is the main key of happiness. So think once more before saying anything.